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For educators, involvement in the Pennsylvania Study Council provides opportunities for professional development, networking, technical assistance and the exchange of evidence-based practices and research from Penn State University, a top national and global prestigious university. Joining PSSC is an investment in personal and professional growth, creating opportunities for collaboration, learning, and excellence in support of improving studnet outcomes.


For membership dues of $575, the Pennsylvania School Study Council (PSSC) extends professional memberships tailored to schools, districts, Intermediate Units, individuals, educational professionals, and CTCs. While the basic membership fee covers a range of benefits including access to resources, networking opportunities, and participation in webinars, certain programs or services such as conferences and workshops do require an additional fee. However, PSSC ensures that these offerings are typically available to members at a reduced rate, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all members. Joining PSSC not only grants access to a vibrant community of professionals but also opens doors to valuable resources and opportunities ffrom Penn State University to support K-12 education.


• Membership is a single cost per organization at $ 525. All school and district educators are eligible to enjoy the benefits of membership.

• Superintendents (chief school administrator or their designee) may attend their choice of one (1) program for free.

• Any district employee attending a PSSC-sponsored event will be eligible for a discount on registration.

Business Conference

Networking & Outreach

  • Opportunities to network through participation in the Executive Committee of PSSC, roundtables, and advisory councils within the College of Education at The Pennsylvania State University.

  • Post open positions for faculty, school, and system leaders.

  • Affiliation with the National School Study Council which provides valuable resources to members.

Professional Attending a Seminar

Professional Development 

  • Complimentary access to all PSSC sponsored webinars on topics of interest to our members.

  • Discounted rates for high quality professional development programs, courses, and conferences.

  • Act 45 course offerings for school and system leaders with access to educational leaders and experts from Penn State University and nationally. Discounted rate for members.

  • $100 discount on Beard Legal Title IX training for members.

  • Access to Professional Development opportunities for educators from across the university.

Stack of Files


  • Monthly education law update

  • Digital newsletter

  • Policy briefs by PSU faculty on topics of importance to members

  • Cutting-edge educational research reports from Penn State researchers


Shaking Hands

Consulting Services

  • Consulting services from Faculty in the College of Education to include data analysis, equity audits, school climate surveys, and strategic planning.




  • Each year the PSSC invites administrators in its member LEAs to recognize individuals in their school, school district, intermediate unit, or community who regularly go beyond on behalf of students and their families. In 2020, we encountered a pandemic that has had far reaching effects and have resulted in permanent changes in our education system. While there are certainly many worthy individuals who are deserving of these awards, we invite you to consider and nominate a few of the most outstanding individuals from your organization.

  • Each year the award committee will review each of the nominees based on a specified criteria. Award winners will be informed of their award during the summer followed by a luncheon and awards presentation in Fall.

The William E. Caldwell Award- Excellence in Administration and Supervision This award is provided to one outstanding school, district, or system leader for their outstanding contribution as an educational leader. The Walter J. DeLacy Award for Excellence in Instruction This award is offered to an outstanding teacher who demonstrates ongoing accomplishments both in and out of the classroom and has contributed significantly to improving instruction beyond the classroom. Nominate up to three teachers. The William S. Vincent Award for Excellence in Support of the Public Schools This award is given to an individual, group, or organization that has demonstrated support that reaches a broad range of students and schools. Nominate up to three board members, community members or volunteers.

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